takoyaki-osaka cooking class
Outside is very crispy, inside is creamy!
Introduce how to make "Takoyaki" which makes use of delicious flavor of Japanese soup stock.

Takoyaki is bite-sized pieces of grilled octopus that is placed in the center of a flour-based then cooked. It is flavored with takoyaki sauce, mayonnaise and other toppings. Every restaurant has its own recipe, ingredients and sauses, and they all cook it differently. Takoyaki is a popular food in Osaka.

Especially in Osaka families are well made and eaten. Like shops, each household has its own taste and has a variety of arrange recipes.

In this classroom, you can experience the Kansai soup culture that arranges various dishes while experiencing the "dashi" making, which is the base of Japanese food that became intangible World Heritage.
In addition to making Osaka 's full - fledged "Tako - yaki", you can try making dashi - rolled eggs "and" miso soup "with plenty of" dashi "to take advantage of the" dashi "flavors skilfully.
Why not experience the taste of healthy Japanese home cooking?

Lectures will be given in English.

Course content
  1. Takoyaki making
  2. make other dishes (Miso soup & Dashi rolls egg)
  3. Tasting
    Japanese tea included (barley tea or green tea)
Time required

about 3 hours


4,800 yen ( tax included )

Children Special Price
• under 5 years old Free
• Between 5 and 12 years old 2,400 yen


Please bring the recipe card of the menu of the day.

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