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Takoyaki is an Osaka soul food!
It’s crispy on the outside but soft inside,
with a soup stock from seaweed and bonito flakes.
Fresh and hot Takoyaki balls with sweet & hot sauce
and mayonnaise is popular in Osaka.

Why not try our traditionally cooked Takoyaki?

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About our cooking course

Lunch course 11:00 to 13:00 About2 hours
Dinner course 17:00 to 19:00

We make Takoyaki, which makes use of Dashi (Japanese soup stock from seaweed and bonito flakes). The recipe is quite simple, but authentic. On top of that, we use the same Dashi to make Japanese tamagoyaki (fried and rolled egg) and Miso soup. Dashi is a staple of Washoku (Japanese cuisine, an intangible world heritage registration). You can experience Japanese cooking culture with the traditional Dashi, which is used for various dishes in the West Japan. We guarantee that it will be an unforgettable memory of Osaka!

Menu Timetable Ingredients
Our special recipe is provided

The lesson will be held in English.
We use fresh ingredients, which may differ depending on purchases.


Adult 4,800 yen( tax included )

Children's Special Price

  1. Under 5 years old Free
  2. Between 5 and 12 years old 2,400 yen


10 people
( Held at least 3 people )
※ Please make your reservation 4 days in advance.

調理中 完成風景

The features of our cooking class

Select your favorite Japanese tableware
Unique Location
Our dishes are beautiful traditional Japanese crafts.

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Access to Takoyaki-Osaka

We are located in Tennoji Ward in the southern area of Osaka.
Here is the approximate time from the major urban areas to Tennoji Station.

About 10 minutes from Namba

About 20 minutes from Osaka

About 60 minutes from Kobe

About 60 minutes from Kyoto

About 60 minutes from Nara

Meeting Place

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