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2 hours


Put on a bandana and apron, and wash your hands.
Once you are ready, we will explain the cooking process.
Note: the bandana and apron will be provided.

Select tableware

Select your tableware to display the food.

Select your tableware to display the food.
All the tableware is composed of Japanese traditional crafts, collected by the organizer.
It’s worth joining to see these beautiful products alone.

Start cooking

Let’s start cooking!
Kind Japanese “Mothers” will teach you how to cook!

Food tasting

Let’s eat the food you have cooked and enjoy talking together!

Total time: about 2hours

調理中 完成風景

Hold tableware by hand and eat !

Japanese eating manners are quite unique. We hold tableware such as rice and soup bowls and bring them to our mouth. For example, when we drink Miso soup, we raise the soup bowl and directly drink from it. That’s why Japanese tableware is specially made under consideration of its thickness and touch for a smooth encounter with hands and lips.

For your information, in case of eating Sashimi and Tempura, which are usually served in a large plate, you don’t hold them but keep them on the table. You only hold small ones such as soup bowls and small plates that you can hold easily by one hand.

Ingredients used

Seaweed Okonomiyaki sauce
Bonito flakes Dried green laver (seaweed)
Eggs Mayonnaise
Light soy sauce Salad oil
Tofu Agedama (bits of fried tempura batter)
Miso paste Leeks
Cabbage Octopus
Pork ribs Mochi (sticky rice cakes)
Flour Cheese
Yams Sweet corn
Pickled red ginger
The features of our cooking class



In addition, from the roof of this building, you can see “Abeno Harukas” of the highest buildings in Japan at a height of 300m from the ground. It is the best picture point for your Instagram postings. On very beautiful days, you can take nice pictures like this!!

The venue was previously used as the kitchen of a food factory. You can still see professional equipment on the shelves and all around. Visiting such a unique location is one of the great points.

The features of our cooking class

Select your favorite Japanese tableware

Select your favorite Japanese tableware

The key of Japanese cuisine is to enjoy visually first, then taste. Japanese tableware is designed for the food to look more beautiful on it. Our collections come from famous pottery regions all over the country. Please enjoy these beautiful Japanese traditional crafts.


In Japanese cuisine we use a mixture of tableware different in color, design, shape and material for each dish, which creates the beauty of harmony.

Photo below: You will find many beautiful Hashioki (chopstick rests).
It’s a small item but finely designed. You may even forget the time while watching those details.

The features of our cooking class


Our instructors are all Japanese “Mothers” who cook delicious food efficiently with taking nutritional balance into consideration. They make every meal every day for their family. We would like you to try the flavors these “Mothers” create and for these tastes to become part of your good memories of Japan. Here we are waiting for you with full hospitality and big smiles.